You can get reward coins up to 10% in the masternode system that you can set up with 7,500 Weecoins. 1 Weecoins (WCS) As of June 4, 2021: It is trading at $3.2. It is enough to pay approximately $24,000 (200,000 TL) to get 7,500 WCS. This system, which offers a crazy monthly income of 570 WCS, is the world's most profitable masternode system. In the system where you earn 570 WCS monthly, you can withdraw your coins whenever you want. With this masternode, which does not have a locking mechanism, you can earn between $ 1700-1800 (14,000-15,000 TL) per month.

About MasterNode

How To Work MasterNode

The MasterNode is a network user that makes an exact copy of this structure. Masternode servers are located in decentralized networks and have special functions from any other node system. The most popular feature of Masternode, which makes it different and more profitable than other node systems, is that it can be transferred instantly at any time. It is possible to set up a masternode system on your own computer or by renting a server. After this server is installed, a certain amount of crypto money is collected in the wallet address.

The collected cryptocurrencies are encrypted by being distributed to the network users and mining (Cryptocurrency Mining) is started there. With this system, the masternode server starts to produce from that cryptocurrency at certain time intervals, whichever cryptocurrency is set up. Users in the network or the owner of the network earn a profit because they contribute to increasing the security of this system.

High Security

Masternode systems are protected by high security protocols.

Fast Refund

There is no waiting requirement in the Weecoins masternode system. You can shoot daily.

Rent MasterNode

You can rent a masternode with 7500 weecoins. You earn about 570 wcs per month.

Since 2015

Top Paying Masternode Systems

  • Weecoins (WCS)8%
  • Pfzercoin (PFZR)2.8%
  • Crave (CRAVE)2%
  • Dash (DASH)1%






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